Why are you still playing?

There are a lot of complaints about pay to win, I have not been playing for a month because of it, just wondering what has kept everyone else playing?

The last update new story chapter (offline and online), Evolving monsters, Also the events the tower event was great and I really enjoy the game must say that I cant wait till pvp update


Trying to find strats to beat the AI and creating specially made teams is always fun. Havent had to spend much $ (I’d say 25 at most), and pretty satisfied with what I managed to do in the game. Still have no legends, but I don’t really care anymore about that at this point.

I have only been just playing the events. All my monsters are fully trained and evolved. I have had terrible luck on the dupe wheel and now have 4 omegamids and 5 crystalmouths just waiting for someone to use them on. I have spent a few hundred dollars on dupes and am just waiting for new content and hoping there will be a way to get legendaries and super epics without spinning the wheel.

I’m trying to go through the game again with just monsters I can catch without paying, and waiting for the update at the end of Feb/beg. of March.

Waiting for a real change. If it does happen, I’m prepared with up-to date resources.

if it doesn’t happen or events become even more p2w/unfair, i really am quitting. I’ll probably wait until first event legendary and pvp is out to decide.

I figure I will wait to see if there is a change that makes the game feel more rewarding then I will play again.
I may try restarting though and see if I can do better with egg rolls, I would hate to lose my one legendary transfer though.

They need more live events. THere should be a constant stream and a one day downtime tops…

Finished stocking up on pyramids. Just play events as they come live nothing much else to do.

I’m still trying to beat the 4th Champion. Other than that, don’t really know. I find the online stories a bit dull and not overly interesting, so I do it for XP and a gem. I’m not tough enough for some of the challenges, or had issues with the tower which basically forced me to give up. I’m not willing to spend any extra money on this game.

A fifth of my friend list has already been away for more than a week. I’m probably waiting to see the next update…

Tho only so few events come at a time i still farm exp to gain more tickets and more cost for future events

I’m barely playing like 3 times a week just for leveling up . Even then sometimes I forget to play