PvP and Matchmaking


Can someone explain how matchmaking works?

Do the matchmaking changes if is ranked or the rules are the same?

Thank you.

On the PvP screen there’s are buttons for info and rules :ok_hand:t2: Rock type are banned. But will be unbanned for ranked

That’s obvious, I’m asking which criteria are used for the matchmaking ex: hero rank, Win %, Reputation?

And if these criteria change in case of ranking matchs…

I think it’s your hero rank but not only.

During preliminaries Its pretty much 100% your hero rank if you are below 100. Once you are at 100 and above you have the maximum team cost and will face any other players with the maximum team cost, regardless of Hero Rank.

During the 2 days Ranked Play, I’m not sure how it is ascertained, but I would assume it is based on placement somewhat

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What is strange is that based on my experience for ranked match nothing changes…

Anyway I can’t believe the criteria is only ‘‘hero rank > 100 or <100’’, for me this has no sense at all.

@DonT89 I’m asking you because you are always at the top, did you challenge the top 50 while you are playing ranked PvP and you are first or is just random?

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The criteria is not only hero rank bro, is changing a lot the matchmaking after a certain win rate. Like if you have 70+ % you will be more likely paired with players like Josu, even 2-3 times in the same log of battles.


That makes alot more sense. For me the win % never seemed to make much difference in the preliminaries, but definitely during Ranked I notice a difference in player caliber.

In ranked is much more about %

If you are top 500 to get paired with me is so difficult. But can happen but the % is so low.

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Well watch out bud, I’m gunning for at least top 50 this PvP if not higher, so chances are I’ll be seeing you lol

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Good luck in case :+1::sweat_smile:

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Yes…it depends on win rate too.If you win too many matches your tier is increased.

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Winrate, the system smart enough to prevent someone with 10x losestreak face someone who have 10 winstreak.

Just played against you…When I saw 3 full evolved myth on the front line…I tought can’t be Don, I have 40% win rate impossible…and then I saw another full evolved myth then I just surrender…

And it was really you!!! WTF don’t you have at least >80% win rate?

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The matchmaking doesn’t always works properly.
Once my ranked 53 acc faced him

I do have 81% but is not ranked. And btw is about percentage. We have kinda 5% chance to meet

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You can meet anybody in the pvp “if” less people do the matchmaking

This system is completely unbalanced.

You are not playing Ranked right now. You are playing Online PVP, you can and will get matched against any and everybody right now.

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So what? This doesn’t justify that one guy that has just become level 100 go against DonT for exemple… This is seriously unbalanced.