Who Is Gloreonix?

Recently fought him in the island challenge, I’ve been playing for almost a year, and have never seen him? He’s holy.

A new legendary that was withdrawn from cyclo release because he was extremely weak. Devs will buff him before releaseing him

At the same time, he made cyclo guaranteed, instead of another 50/50 gamble between good and absolute shite. The geo and stag egg is the only win-win deal so far.

Agreed. My baby utopian sits in the corner and cries at the sight of the mighty stratus that I never got >=|

Utopion has literally 0 reason to be used.
All glorenix needs is unlimited swap for moji.

So do my solblaze and jingle and utopion, though jingle is a bit better now

Solblaze is pretty good too

Lax can show you how to use jingle and solblaze is not bad imo, especially in pve. Utopion though…

Solblaze is good actually.

Bonus and accelerate him, stick him with lavaronix, deodragon, and the bloodbiter.

Silly assisted fire line right there.

Solblaze is my bread and butter. He normally outspeeds any TT and his sleep revenge has saved my ass so many times. With a decent setup he can clear at least half the opponents team if not more.


At low to mid level pvp: hes okay will act as a sweeper.

At high level: he has no place in a consistent team. Best scenario you cannibalize him with zib and his sleep revenge hits enemy tt/geo/zib etc.

Yes solbaze is the best out of those three, but I still feels he’s the worse option compared to lunartic. Like if I had lunartic I would not even consider rolling for solblaze. Sorry I derailed the topic though.