Who has the most legendaries?

Who here in the community has the most numbers of legendaries?

I have 2 and 1 repeat :frowning:




2 i cry every time


Fortunate enough to have 7 with 4 fully evolved

For what?~~

Actually surprised some people have fewer legends than I thought.

9 legendaries: 4 ultra evolved and 5 100% trained

0, but still somehow managed to finish all the current content


1 transfer

Have beaten everything so far, but I wasn’t high enough HL to try the omegamids

3  but my Crysdrake will forever be my number 1 legendary because he was my second egg rolled monster(first was pegassion) in the game and he has carried me throughout most of the game. lol 

Might Show us?

How do you even get that many without paying

There is zero chance. He’s spent probably over 1,000$

I don’t even think all eggs together for F2P has even hit 16

Honestly, just over 1000 in total=_=
Oh actually not yet, 900 something I forgot