So I was just curious, who has no legendaries and what hero rank have you got up to so far???

I think all of the players of neo monsters own a legendary monster even they only have 1.
Almost of every player reset their game from the start just to have a legendary.

There might be some players that have none, but they wouldn’t exist on the forum.

It took me a very long time to get my first legend, it was my 22nd egg. For some reason it never occurred to me to resrart the game, so I just went with my first draw, little old Frillzy. I’m up to 5 legends now though, but honestly it still feels kind of lackluster given how much I’ve rolled.

So guys come out now from your hideout and show yourselves in the forum if you got no legendary :slight_smile:

They won’t but if you go into the Facebook page you will see many players that have zero legends

Better question: Does anyone have them all?

Probably someone out there.

Yeah Ryan does plus ones we don’t have yet :joy::joy:

Surely impossible for anyone to have them all so far… Got a feeling you’re up with the front runners though JRA. In the early days I know Lendren was close to having all the available legends at the time. He even got his members title changed which was humourous.

Hero rank 88 and one legendary; cryochick

@GullyKevin: Did you happen to miss Chronox? :o

I have none…?

I honestly have none hahaha

So the one who start the topic, is the one who have none? Sorry for u man for having no leg.,.sigh…

Lol I have a good selection but not more than some people. And you’re right Lendren did have most of them but I haven’t seen him much since they released the 20 new ones.
I’m sure you’re up there too Michael N

Lendren has rolled all the new ones or most of them I think

Think scruffi was up there?

Anyone here with more than 30?

Nope team full of super/epics over here… On page 2 and beyond. :joy:

The legends pool is currently around 60 legends if I’m not mistaken.

Yeah it sucks haha I’ve spent so much money on gems as well, I guess I’m just unlucky! I started this topic to compare myself with others that had no legendaries which doesn’t seem to be anyone lol