Which Valentine's day pack to open?

Hello dear P2W players! :slight_smile:

I have one simple question :
Which pack to open? A or B?

Personally I’d pick A.

Both have a similar amount of power in the pool and a similar number of mythics which are bad in their second form. However, I think A has a better selection of control monsters and ones I could see myself putting in a team.

It’s a tough call though. Ultimately I think the choice comes down to which element you want. If you really don’t have a preference with that you’ll have to figure out which pool has the most monsters you’re interested in.

Thanks Killerdog! I don’t have that much many monsters at the moment so I’m more looking to the pack which has the more good second form monsters. Still pack A in your opinion?

If I were you I’d wait for a few other opinions. Pack A looks the best for me in my position but as a newer player you will probably be happy to utilise things like Lucifelle (shadow monster in pack B) as a sweeper, while for me she’s pretty useless.