Good Bye

Today I decided to once again take the risk of opening a 6th 10 in one pack. I expected already not to get what I want because of how this game is. I can give so many examples of situations where out of the 2 monsters offered, I risked and spent for one but didn’t get the one I wanted. I’ve NEVER gotten the legend that I want from the 6th in one pack. 
I just wanted to thank my clan members and friends I made in the line chat. I had great times and talks with you guys and if I stayed this long its because of the chat. 
Anyways good bye to the community. 
This will be my last forum post.

Good luck all.
Z19 Canserbero

Hmm, they both seem like great monsters to me.

Regalion is like Moji to me. A staller.

Draco rolled 15 packs for Regalion but failed to get it.

I’m 4 10pks this fest. 1 dupe leg, 1 new leg. 20+ dupe epics, a couple dupe SE. I’m feeling the same way. I just hatched a rare gem egg too and got SE. I can’t get much further with what I have. Guess I just have to grind out until the incredibly [crappy] odds smile upon me.

Ah no:( . Canserbero hit my up in line if you still got it I wanna chat real quick.if you don’t ,then I wish you the best of luck with school n whatever else you go on to do. We had some great/hilarious times in chat . You’ll be missed for sure.


Common cans chill pill man

Not the odds, but the constant grind with no real goal is getting to me. Will bid my farewells soon. Starting 2018 with less time spent on gaming. Best of luck everyone.

feel your pain also on the verge of just being done. opened 6 packs for this event… got 5 dupes 2 new legendaries. and i only have 7 legendaries total. 1 pack was pure epic monster to haha. 

Glad to know I ain’t the only one who opened an Epics pack. :wink:

Both featured monsters are great. But not suitable for my team. Geo and chrome is more great than featured mons.

Obviously I’m relatively new but it does seem this festival screwed people. Devs aren’t gonna change anything and “old timers” are gonna pull the “back in my day we walked 15 miles through the snow up hill both ways to school” but I think their game would be more popular with better leg odds and cheaper gems. More people would play and more would pay. But what do I know? I’m just a paying customer and the customer is always wrong lol

Only a few hours left before 2018 and while I’m still in the top 100 (thanks to all the pro guys being on holiday), I’ll say my goodbye.

It has been fun. Hope my complaints didn’t get to anyone. All the best all.

Happy New Year and may 2018 be a better year than the 2017.

It is 18 now <_<

Bro why give the devs so much money!?

CAuse devs are poor and need food money

Yeah you get the point :ph34r:  BTW I had ran into your “NMA test team” last week.  Hellfox+Motor+Tinker…I did’t play pvp very much but that was really…impressive :huh:. Fight to the last 4 monsters and give up :P.  

Wait Lochi only had 4 monsters left against your whole team? Stop bullying the poor guy.

I don’t think you fought me ive been just nma lochi the whole pvp 

I said it is “NMA test team”. His ID is that. :slight_smile:

No it is not you but should be one of your guy(his ID is “NMA test team”). I was really impressed :wacko: .