Which to choose? Meatoid or Bomboid

I’m at the Balancial’s trials. I don’t know which to choose from meatoid or Bomboid.
It says when bomboid gets killed it deals great damage to ALL monsters. Does that conclude my own team?

Thanks a lot!

Gr CherBear

Yes bombdoid damages allies too

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Bomboid requires building around and is only for PvP. It’s strong and when combined with something like Flocculasaurus can be quite devastating without too much effort.

Meatoid is a useful 2-cost rock that can slip into most teams very effectively. It gives a decent heal to all your monsters. It’s my general go-to for PvP teams if I put a rock at the back of the team (because overall team cost is too high and I just need something useful at the back).

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Thank you for your reply…
So which one should I choose?

As Killerdog said Meatdoid is more useful

Bomboid is my favorite but meatoid is usually more useful now