Which starter monster to ultra evolve first?

Hi sry im new in the game and i just want to aks which starter monster is the best to,ultra evolve first? Thanks for help

Galv is the best. Kong is the second best, then Zard then Wolf.


^ I laughed at that too lol

Evolve Zard emmidiately!!! Only 1 silver plus no engrient monster lool,where did that came from :joy:

By all means maybe your reffering at viridizardon(viridiwhatever) not Zard… dont shortcut(youl just mislead) lol :joy:

I figured you guys would all understand my abbreviation system, being the bright sparks you are. Apologies for any confusion that I may have caused. (Even though the Zard thing was totally intentional.)

The “newbie” wont understand this abbreviation system you said, dont worry were not making fun of you, its just Zard is a member here in this forum not a monster thats why it came to us to be funny(For Elaboration)

No offense taken :smiley:

thanks for help

I don’t know, I think Zard is pretty bad :slight_smile:

Viridizardon is good but he needs setup. At +9 his survivor is 90 seconds.

He has a lot of sustain.

Desperate bite weaker compared chronotitan that restore massive health

I don’t think he needs much setup. He has no immediate sweeping moves, but no one wants to outrigh HG him due to desperate bite. Very fast, so a free accel team where you have nearly nothing else to do. Then you can intentionally survivor into red Hp if they 30-40%'d him. I’d say he’s actually very hard to kill compared to your normal sweeper due to HG, Desp bite, the speed, easy +9 and stun revenge. And survivor is 90 only after accel team (but obvs that’s a given).

In PvE he can AoE to bait a Timestrike, where then you GT and Desperate Bite. If the enemies are strong enough, this can make a very strong bite cycle where you can spam it multiple times before survivor would even be available.