Which monster should I purchase now????

Since we all know that before the update the legendary trio dusicyon, angelion and flocclosauraus(which I was about to complete) was one of the best trio but a freaking update changed the whole scenario. So, I am wondering which monster should I buy now???
Thanks for any help in advance…

Depends what you have already? Duscy is still amazing. (Better imo but people don’t like change). Atra is always a good call. But usually the limited mons are good.

Hanzo is an excellent choice if you have skele


Auro dragon .

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This will massively help u in pve . Especially in UC if u don’t have it yet . Rest can wait.

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Yeah I agree with that. Didnt know it was in the shop.

Lol it’s not in the store :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

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@FrozenFlame what should I buy?
@Professor_Oak can I interest you in a charmander for 12 tickets?

Wait what ! Did they remove it from store ? I swear I remember seeing it before .


Filthy lies Oak… filthy.

Dusicyon is still fantastic for 6 tickets if you’ve got access to the discount. I would say even worth 12 tickets.

I wouldn’t bother with Flocco, although he still can grab some kills with finishing snap, countershock and Slayerbane. Stun immunity was a big loss for him.

Atra is the best shop only monster now imo. Buy him or wait for spicy new shinies.


Dusicyon is only really good if you have other strong monsters to pair it with.

Save 80 tickets and awaken ankara

Are you kidding me … Waiting for few years just for ankara seems a really dumb choice…

I won’t be wrong if I say you are the owner of all shop limited monster.

:_( if there is no auro in shop , then the shop sux

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You’re very wrong :joy:

I would definitely still pick Dusicyon. It’s a great monster that works well as support for newer players and older ones too. Flocculasaurus and Goldtail are the nerfed monsters we should hesitate before buying in the shop.

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Hanzo is trash, don’t waste your tickets on it before reading the descriptions of his moves very carefully @FrozenFlame

So in simple language…
If you don’t have aurodragon don’t buy hanzowolf

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