Which monster are good?

I need help with my team idk who is good and who not. I also need help with the 3rd of the 4 guards (after the last league)

  • Beetler and Frillzeon grow up to be incredibly versatile monsters; give turn is a potent move that virtually doubles the firepower of your chosen ally, sleep bomb can be combo’d with a purifier to shut down the whole enemy lineup, and stun bomb can propel them all into oblivion if they’re not stun protected.

  • if you’re gonna use Pyrowyrm and gaiawyrm, then I’d recommend pairing them with sleep skills so that they can wait for survivor to be ready. The water mon from the Six Trials can achieve that nicely.

  • Dreadghoul’s another guy that pairs excellently with sleepers; very much preferable to have him evolved since he gets death sentence all. Just use DS, then put everyone under so that the enemy will have little opportunity to prevent it from triggering. Sleep all by itself is a very potent move too.

  • Rosaqueen’s SE form is by far the best one the island temples have to offer; she gains a 70 TU skill that has a 60% chance of sleeping its victim, an outstanding move that used to be exclusive to legendaries. If you have any epic potions(blue), use ‘em on her before you evolve her, that way you don’t need to spend SE potions(red) instead.

  • Stun protection is an essential part of any team; at your level, the only option you really have access to is stun absorbers. Try to have about 3 of them distributed throughout your team so that an abrupt stunning entrance won’t ruin your day. Flaredon’s your best option at the moment, Plumane and Skyther can be good too, they just need to be evolved in order to have access to hold ground, an essential skill for a protector. Flaredon gets stealth teammate upon evolution, very useful but not quite as high priority as hg.

  • I see that you’ve visited the four guardian beasts at least once; I’d recommend doing it as much as possible in order to work your way toward getting the SE versions of the starters. They’re all useful in their own way, but the electric one is the best by far.

  • Clioangel and Shivo are also mons you could stand to evolve; they gain give turn, which really rounds out their stellar support package.

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I got now YETIGO from the six trials. And I got a question: what means SE?
Please answer :smile:

They are super epic monsters

This may be worth a look