Help with team.

Hey guys I am a new player and I need some help with my team. Currently I have 3 legendaries and two of them have sleep + dream eater.

My first 4 guys are the 2 dream eater legendaries, one guy for protect that adds attack to defense and another guy for assist thunder (3 thunder guys to start out with).

I heard of the term sleep bomber. What does that mean? Do I have any monsters that can fill that role?

Sleep Bomber = A monster with the move “Sleep Bomb”.

Get a healer or a support monster like Moji (from the first island) and try doing a lot of online missions to get your max cost up and add the poison eater monster (vulcarexor??) I dont have most of those monsters so i dont know how effctive they are, but just try to get your max cost up and have all 16 monsters. Hopefully someone with more insight into team building will help you out.

I think I have 2 5 star poison eaters but lack a poison spreader.

Really would like to know what guys have sleep bomb. Might be possible that one of my 4-5 star monsters have it at the ultra evolution maybe or even 2nd. I will try to train everyone to the evolution before ultra to see. Haven’t evolved all my 4 stars.

Demihorus actually have sleep bomb maybe I will use him.