Which leg should get the potions ?

Hello fellow hunters,

Which of the legs I have should get the potions first in your opinion ?

I don’t really use a main team, always trying new things. Wish I could build the perfect sleep team but I miss the essentials…

My favourite legs are Nightrider, Soulstealer and Rexo, if it helps you help me.

What do you think ?

Serapheon, Rexo, one of the biters, one of the autopoisoners. Wraithcaptain if you want to run sleep team. Wait on goldtail to put pots before shadowstalker. Soul stealer too. Helps with sleep all spam and getting the DS All in earlier in frontlines. You want to outspend more common 55% speed stuff, such as AT.

Wow 20 legendaries… How much did you spend?

If you can, try to get a biter to +5. If you do, nothing can outspeed him upon entrance as long as he’s accelerated. What I mean by that is, if there’s a death revenge guy followed by a SE twinkiller(99 speed, starts off with 36 seconds), you can kill the death revenge, and the TK can’t reach you in time, since your TU is 35. So, if you have 3 stun locks going, you don’t have to break one of them to get out of that situation. It’s is also a huge benefit in general, because if one guy is bearing down on you, say during the UC, then you don’t have to worry about the super speedy guy that’s up next being there to finish you off. Although you’re probably beyond the point of relying on biting, which I totally understand. In that case probably focus on Shivadragon, Shadowstalker or Rexotyrant.

Go to biter +9 for safe butt survival / ultimate challenge

Is giving freezenix some a good idea?

Nebel have nearly 100 tu when entering field so it depends on you if your other legend +9 go for it

For what purpose specifically?

Reducing time on duplicating and coming in faster.

Do duplicates come in with a + bonus? 

That’s why I was wondering

I dont know, guess I will check.

Thanks for your help ! Have given to godfeather until +5 for now

They don’t get the bonus. Devs might want to fix that.