How to wisely spend Legend Potions ?


I have 9 legend potions, but I am not sure how to spend them.

Should I spend all of them on my best monster ? (Zib or Midas).

Or should I spread them between my 3 best monsters ?

Thanks for your help

Give list of all the legendary monsters you have first.









Ziberius probably since midas is only really good with a legend TT. Midas would be second choice though.

Also none of those really benefit from potions, just all 9 on zib. The only monsters you want to be potting are TT, zib, midas, autopoisoners and maybe last biters. Those are the ones that benefit the most from the potions. 

Midas has 51% speed / give turn. +9 → 75%

+9= 60

That’s some world class math right there lol

Here’s my full chart of different time bonuses. If it’s TU you’re after, then 5 is definitely the optimal stopping point.

I’m sorry to confuse the questioner.
It’s my big mistake. What is the formula?

thank you very much.

Having your zib go first isnt necessarily a better thing
Shadowyrm though wud be a good idea
So he can go before rex or galv

Shadow can never go before Rex or galv. Shadow 93 and galv 96. Plus you can you epic potions on galv and Rex. Very unlikely you go before them. I would put your potions on Zib

I meant so that he can go before your own rex and galv if you decided not to pot them and make shadow +4 so that if you encounter aegis you can charge galv with crave after shadow brings him to hg…or at least just get rid of him
As a matter of fact, with shadow and kong both going before galv its almost certain galv will get a kill right off the bat. Kong for leo so galv can use stun pulse. Kong can also bring a monster to hg if there is one in the fl. And shadow can bring all protectors to hg (if I’m not mistaken) so that galv can finish them off. And then the cycle continues. Galv or kong brings a diff monster to hg so that shadow can get kills

:joy::joy::joy: Lol

He might have done it by mistake but it really is a serious question.

Speed variance isn’t as simple as it appears , e.x. zephyrox 27+5 and Terror 39 +1 , tell me who would be faster?

Answer is zephyrox, I tested it myself and not only that I have a screenshot of lava out speeding midas. I would be glad if anyone can explain this ‘world class math’

uhm no never seen a zephy outspeed something of 40 speed

My Alphagear has passed up my hydrokaizer in the past back when I did AW, and hydro’s speed is 41. Alpha had +5, hydro +1. Potions certainly boost it by more than one second, that’s for sure.

what kind of hacker outspeed midas with lava :joy::joy:

:joy::joy::joy: Don’t even speak vegetto the screenshot of lava out speeding Midas which I was talking about was the one you sent me lol

I wasn’t asking you or anyone, I was simply stating it and looking for an explanation and I have enough proofs(screenshots) from both PvP and PvE to support my statement.
I understand you don’t know this but it is true and it is happening and with not only zephyrox but many others as well.

At the risk of sounding stupid, I have never been able to use SE potions on legs, even before evolving, how is anyone else doing that. I even tried as recently as last month and it told me I had no kind of that potion when I was out of leg potion, but had plenty of SE. Tried on a non evolved leg but it was a no go.

You can only do it to chronozar. Not any of the others.

Chronozar and the starters are currently the only monsters in the game that move up in star ranks. Therefore it’s logical to potion them as much as possible before evolving them, since you can use the more common potion type instead. That’s the only way to use SE and epic potions on legends and SEs respectively.