Where is the best place to experience farm?

Just got my first galey, and want it to become the powerful omegawyrm that it can (I have all others), but it will take quite a while to get it to whatever level it needs to be. Where should I do that?

Also, another small question I have is: Where do I get the barricadus recipe? I have seemingly completed the game, and yet I cannot find any side quests that give me the recipe.

Biteschools. They are on the crescent island. There is one near deucalis. Three steps south and one west on the shore.

And to get barracadious you need to complete the chain quest where a man is illegally excavating. Go back to the other towns and check the guilds (:

It is quite weird, because when I go to Handal, inside of the big castle there is an ‘!’, but all Urid says is: “Congratulations! I knew you would dominate the tournament. You have our undying gratitude for bringing victory to the Han as promised, hunter.” Then when I click the screen expecting more, I go back to Handal.


He is talking about the tornament thing in the desert which is off topic unless you were thinking thats where the quest was, and its not in the palace you recieve it, trust me your gonna get it from a order building

Well then where? Because all order buildings have given me all of their quests. :/ 

The quest for the desert one is obtained in lassandale. If you already did that one, move on to next city