So I finished the game but i am missing the recipe for Barricadus… Where can I find it ?

You find it using a quest from decaulion order on crescent island

i do not have anymore quests to do…

I hear it starts from a quest you get from Maldan.

Maldan is southwest of Geat. That’s right, folks - there’s actually a village down there. The poor guys are barely ever visited! 

Okay, enough of my bad humor. Just do all the quests in Maldan if you haven’t already and then check in Aborun (I believe). If there is no quest in Aborun, check all towns between Maldan and Aborun until you get one. After you finish THAT quest, check all towns after that town. And so on until you get to the tower.

That’s where you should get barricadus recipe.

Let us know if someone went wrong. ^^