Barricadus Recipe

I’m missing the Barricadus recipe (the one to the left of dreadwolf and underneath plasmorex) I beat the story some time ago and I completed all the sidequests as well. Anyone know where I could get this fine recipe? :wink:

It’s from a quest chain starting from Maldan. Maldan is a small town southwest of Geat. It’s pretty elusive, so you may have skipped it.

If you haven’t already, do all the quests in Maldan and then head to Arborun. Do the quest there, and then keep checking all the town after Arborun until you get to Reijin. It should give you a quest that tells you to defeat the intruder. Go to the Tower and the intruder should be on the 2nd floor.

Ahh turns out I never went back to Deucalis after beating the game lol so the new quests in Reijin never opened up. Thanks for the help  :slight_smile:

Oh, I see haha. You’re welcome. ^^