Anyone know the full quest chain for Barricadus?

I’ve done all the quests in Maldan, where the quest chain is supposed to start, but I don’t actually know which quest starts that chain.

Now I’ve gotten all the way to Reijin (where you’re supposed to get the recipe), and I’ve done every single quest in the game up to this point. I’ve gone back to every single town multiple times and done every single quest available. As of right now, there are exactly zero quests available in old towns. I went ahead and got the Luxknight and Angelon recipes too, which are the last ones available up to this point in the game.

What else is there to do? Do I have to get master rank or catch 101 Arkadions first? Or are there more quests in the chain after Reijin?

Did you check Arborun after Maldan?

Yes, that was the very next place I went, since I saw someone mention that in another topic.

All the quests have been cleared out in Arborun, and every other town now.

If you’re absolutely sure you’ve checked every town, then there must be a bug. We’ll need to bring it up to the developers…

Did you get other recipes from this chain, such as Raijin?

Yeah, I have Raijin, and every other recipe up to the page with Dreadwolf and Tremorback. I’m guessing Barricadus is the one under Plasmorex, right?

The Barricadus quest chain ends at Reijin. I actually found it after I beat the game. Have you uncovered the quests for the dragons as well? I found them together in Reijin after thinking I’d cleared the town. If it isn’t there make sure you’ve gone to the Deucalis and then return to Reijin.

During lunch today, I went past Reijin and Deucalion. I got to The Tower, but haven’t beaten it yet. I went back to Reijin again after visiting The Tower though, still nothing.

I have beaten the four elemental dragon quests already, as well as the Arkwing, Necrodrake, and Angelon quests. 

Meh. Should I just go ahead and beat the game first, and see if it shows up?

Figured it out, in case anyone’s curious. You have to actually fight a battle in the tower first, then return to Reijin again. Just unlocking the tower isn’t enough.