Barricadus recipe

Hi all :slight_smile:

So I’m a long long way through the game, and I’ve picked up all the in-game recipes (except Omegawyrm, still trying to kill him) EXCEPT for barricadus, and I’m beginning to think that I’ve missed it somewhere, either because of a bug, or, more likely, I just didn’t go to the right place. So can anyone help me?


There’s a quest in a town in the crescent island that takes you into the tower. You get the recipe in there. The quest is from a chain of quests that starts in the town of Maldan, I believe.

aha, I just mustn’t have got up to that yet then. Thanks again Ashley!

Where is this mysterious “Maldan” you speak of? I beat Tiamat but haven’t encountered such a city.

Ok literally a minute later I found it. For the first time. Wow

still don’t get it…no quests left…wehre do I get this recipe from? I.dungeon, ark, tower or where is this “maldan city” where i can start the quest.
Would be thankful for some help :slight_smile:

Same here! i have no quests left (i checked every city twice) but not quest for Barricadus!:frowning:

I’m currently restarting the game, so I’ll mark all locations of the recipes. ^^

Wish me luck, though… haha

I could be wrong, but i beat the game and after there were a few extra quests in the city reijin. One of them is to go into the infinite dungeon and kill some guy. im currently on floor 12. im saying i could be wrong because i havent found him yet. but i dont see how ithe recipe could be anywhere else considering how this is the last quest i have. 

You do get the recipe in that tower (which includes the infinite dungeon). 

Maldan is an easily-missable town that’s south of Geat (just a little bit southeast). 

I did end up getting the recipe in the tower, extremely late in the game (possibly after I beat tiamat). So just keep taking missions from deucalios :slight_smile:

I think he is found on one of the earlier floors in the tower, anyone know where to find ‘Metalicious’ the first monster in the barricudus recipe?

Metallodius evolves from Metallo, which is found in Azid Ziggurat (pyramid) in the desert.

i first missed the city and  did now all quests there…but still no quest that leads me to the tower for the reciep. i finished the game …do i have to search for the reciepe without a quest in the tower?

You need to follow the chain of quests. It goes from Maldan to Arborun I think, to some desert one, and then to the Crescent Island (unless there’s one in the Ice area, I have forgotten now).

You have to beat them all in order, not go from Maldan to the Tower.