Where is Deletroid?

Can somebody tell me where to find Deletroid? Or is it only possible to win it by the new online Mission?

It will be available in the eggs that you will be awarded throughout the missions.

It´s only be found in the eggs or it is possible to catch it by farming somewhere?

They’ll only be in the eggs. But if you don’t get the Destructor this time around, it may not be your last chance! 

when does the mission start?

8 PM eastern time. Around 6 more hours now!

My game still shows Meowzard mission. Is that bad? Because its one day after it says it ends -_-

That’s just because this new one was a little bit delayed. 

All I need is two more deletroids but I can’t get anymore eggs does that mean no more deletroids?

It’s really a gamble. You can either choose to go for deletroids and spend time on the eggs, or go for the mission prize. If you choose deletroids, you have to have good timing or you fail and get nothing (you’ll be too slow for the mission prize probably). If you choose mission prize, you have to be real fast otherwise you get nothing (probably will fail the eggs since you went too fast to time them).

All a gamble. Be strategic. You only get one chance at it.

I was the 110 person to finish or something than I had a chance to combine deletroids but I can’t get the fusion

I’ve bought some eggs for 5 S Deletroids :wink:
In the mission I found
1 A Deletroid
1 B Deletroid
2 S Deletroids

And with Fever you can win easy one Detroid per egg :wink:

i know how to get a fever egg easy, you just have to hit right as the arrow passes one of the fevers. once you hit stop it slows down for about 3-4 seconds then stops, and each fever is 2 seconds away from each other

I got three S deletroids in less than 25 minutes :smiley: