If you dont get 5 deletoids before the event is done, is it possible to get more later on?

It’s very likely that you’ll get a chance at the Destructor again in the future, though I don’t know about the Deletroids. I hope so!

Ok thank you! I really want the Destructor hahaha! But only got like 3 Deletroids! T.T

same here… T-T

I only got 1 T_T

I havd destructor :3

I also have destructor…in fact, I got 5 deletroids by the time I reached the 12th floor. After that, I got 4 more extra deletroids and I bought a gold mission egg. Now I have two destructors :slight_smile: now here’s the trick I use to get deletroids
Just try to see the pattern in the egg roll. I mostly just look out for monsters that appear twice in a row and when a deletroid comes after that, I wait for the next time that same pattern comes out again and I tap. It won’t give you a 100% chance to get, but it should narrow down your chances by quite a bit :slight_smile: