When I use "Time's up" with Doolphreeze on Mecha it does under 4k damage. My opponent does over 7k damage with the same move. Is the RNG that broad??


My opponent one shots my Mecha with “Time’s up” over 7000 damage displayed on the screen. When I do “Time’s up” on his Mecha it does under 4k damage:

I know damage is RNG but this is crazy.
Is this normal? Is my Dolphreeze bugged?
Please explain such huge variation.


When u attack his mecha was the other monster a chrono monster to?

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Heck is that the reason?? Because I could have targeted his Celeshine. Does damage multiply with Chrono targets?

I’ve been purposefully leaving Chrono targets so I can do a second “Time’s Up” on my next turn…

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Thanks @Jamalj50

So while I have u. I guess it works the same for “defang”?

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Well I just played the same player again and got my revenge.


Yea if you targeted one chrono monster and the other isn’t chrono it does least damage. But only a few chrono monster can survive from dolph.
Mecha, chrome, typhoon, Leo, raizen.

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Does Penguinator survive?


Hello Saitama,

You seem to be new to the Game. The Penguinator has a skill called hold ground, that means he is going to survive anywa…nah, just kidding :joy::joy:

Peng survives a one chrono target hit with times up with about 20 % health. Two chrono target hit puts him to HG

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All this time I thought I was being very unlucky when Peng survives with 1hp… Thanks for the heads up!

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Same goes for assassinate, double poison eater etc I believe


Double trouble always deals a lot more damage


Yea peng too


Double dreamhunt does extra on two sleeping targets too… used to be my original UC strategy using Metatherion.


Angel survives when I use dolph on it with about 15%


That’s lucky, i almost always leave it at 0.000001% hp


Ya. But my chrome never goes below 10% on it either.

I have abysmal rng. Part of why i quit.