What's the lore behind Ultimate Challenge?

  1. are the opponent’s monsters taken from a parallel dimension, like DISGAEA 5’s Carnage Dimension, where all monsters are extremely powerful?

  2. is there like a God of Ultimate Challenge that creates monsters with unimaginable power?

  3. are you and your monsters weakened, so your monsters look normal to you but are significantly weaker than the enemy?

  4. are enemy monsters subject to the same environmental energy that pervades Kujira Island, but super souped up?

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I reckon they’re Okkult’s biproducts from his failed experiments

I just reckon UC might not have a lore, since our own teams are buffed too, and in one UC gatekeepers were top 10 pvp players.

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@Killerdog interesting, sheds a whole new light on the capabilities of Okkult…

@DonT89 but what if there was another entity behind pulling the strings? A deity that observs our teams and replicates them, giving them some of its divine power?

Uhm… Still don’t think so bro.

Which game are you guys talking about

Like the title says, Neo Monsters’ event (currently undergoing) called “Ultimate Challenge”

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I don’t think we need another backstory to contradict all the other already-contradictory backstories in Neo

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