This is a thread for challenges in Neomonsters. Challenges can be anything from beating the game with only 10 team slots to getting every naturally spawning monster in the game. With that said, here are some challenges I came up with:

How far can you get into the story with no monsters from eggs or online events? Anything else is fair game, from the exchange shop to naturally captured mons. I’m going to be attempting this challenge myself, so I’ll list a few tips at a later date.

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I have a cool story, since I got Shiva and p.g white. I beat main story in 1 night and the next day I beat normal online story

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Beating the main story in one night with two legendaries? That seems impossible. I have a full team of legendaries and have been playing daily for over a year and I’m only 3/4 done. And then, I’m maybe half done with the normal offline.

Don’t you have a purpie ?


Of course,no.maybe I am use 5-6 and rest of them is stunbomb :joy:.btw p.g white is SE not legendary

Ok. Any tips on beating episode XIX?

You are playing for an year so you should have got it from UC. Now it’s in the rare egg also. I defeated every khanate with purpie, exept the second last battle because it was easy for my team. Maggatsuoh was taken care of purpie alone in the team.

PM me enemy line up and your monsters

What does UC stand for?

Ultimate challenge(UC) and purpie is a cheat material for pve which destroys 12 mons at 4 turns.It was available at uc and now in rare egg only

I used it to destroy entire teams in PvP too

I have now successfully beated 5 mins round 7 by using purpie first try

Me too

Now ill stop the event because I got what I wanted

If you are looking for challenges you might want to watch my YouTube channel. I have plenty of challenges done.

I had watched plenty of your vids @DonT89

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Sorry bro the response was for @ArcticTheHunter, I mistaked.

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I am Beat it, without Nova/gorgo/pupie/bomber/Captain Whisker.Just full another SE on Anyone same with me😜