What's going on with this Game?

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Let’s see, I know many Smurf players in quotes, but they are F2P who want to climb to a high rank with some awake ones so that when they rise they don’t have to work having PvP but the truth has been proven that in smurf accounts out of every 5 PvP 3 are against high ranks and with good equipment I mean I don’t understand what the complaint is really It is true that for new players this is a bad experience but we have to look at the F2P side of those players who want to form their teams strong enough to already feel insurance in high range

I agree with your opinion since today they paired me with a friend of mine who was in the vixenblade 2 rank and I was already a great champion In other words, the pairings should be made by rank, for example, if a low rank is at the Soral level, they should only be paired with players from that same league, whoever it is.

But smurfing will never be able to achive high ranks

They recive half rating in ranked and loose full rating on a loss so even if they play all tickets and win all matches the highest score they can get is around 42k rating

Thats barly top 100 on avrage

So smurfing for ranks is unlogical


If you want to call it that, but what I mean is that F2Ps usually stay at low rank until they reach a certain account level and can move up to high rank and play the leaderboard.In short, we smurf as you say, but with almost no resources that we acquire with months of savings.

you get resources by playing PvE events.

i appreciate that there will be players who should probably stay below HR 100 before joining the bigger matching bracket (in the previous pvp system) but if you are doing it with an account below max team cost then there is no real excuse.

This is plainly wrong. A normal “F2P” player would never do such things. Only those who already have knowledge about the game and made a new low level account with the idea of facing less players of similar level. Aka smurfs.

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