What to do with the extra SSR

Hearthstone legend can be changed into dust, but our game can only occupy the grid.:face_vomiting:

Dunno, i think you can try using your money on other things then a 1 weak old mobile game. Nothing to brag here mate

Extra SSR …

Can I have just one please !

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Can I get one?

Yeah I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be bragging using screenshots of that Chinese account.

But congrats for fooling zard at least ^^

You can sell them for gold in the exchange shop. Or fuse them with other monsters. It’s unbelievable to even talk about it in this context.

You must have put thousands in this game already :fearful:

I ask myself where the people get all the ingredients for evolution for a 1-2 week old game :rofl:

I mean I do daily powerups finished all events and act 1-3 and still I am able to just evolve one SR… just curious :sweat_smile:

Sanctbox drops all the rare ones

You can do that power up mission only once a day and you only have a very small chance to get the really rare ingredients. How can somebody evolve in that short period that many SSR several times

I’ve been spamming that mission 100 times a day. Dunno what you’re on about

Damn after I saw it is cleared I thought it’s not possible to do that mission again… nevermind. I just realized that you can repeat the mission all the time lol

That’s amazing!! How did you get so many SSR? Is there some sort of trick?


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Yeah, probably…

That’s an account of some Chinese person that was selling it, the amount he spent on it was something around $13 k equivalent in Chinese currency.

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