What quality of life improvements do you want?

Devolve monster its really cool featured, example u want first form monster but u also need 100% stats.

So far I am only use “delete” monster on titanomoth so I can get steeelodon.


Tbh idk why we have the option of “delete” doesn’t make any sense tbh only for ppl who lost their account for this


bring back Boxchomp’s zealous attack instead of piercing blow.

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It’s a good buff for rhino

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how about search in monster dex?
and some notification of “event complete” in chambers of the statue

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I would love to devolve my plume and evolve my plume whenever i want .
I think it is a great idea , same with other mons like mojinator , evolve during link holy , dungeon and devolve while running retribution.


Actual counter on pity counter?

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Having an overview of teams you face in : test your team section in pvp and choose wich one you want to test against it , sometimes you want to test against maeve front line or myst and you dont get that team untill you try more than 5 times



Something I’ve seen bothered me for a while now, Scorpiogeist can use “Raw Poison Slaughter” (85 sec +9) but always hits with “Raw Double Poison Devourer” (170 sec +9). Give him back some love that is not even viable in PVE :sweat_smile:


Can we have more gems