What other games other than Neo Monsters and Evertale do you play?(and others)

Might be a bit mainstream right now but I have to recommend Genshin Impact. I’ve enjoyed it a lot in the past few days!


-Huge open world to explore. Will take well over 20 hours to explore fully.
-Completely FREE.
-Similar style than in Breath of the wild.
-Gacha game where you actually play as the characters you pull in 3rd person.
-Each character has a unique playstyle and it’s fun to execute combos.
-Compelling boss fights.
-CoOp system, can explore and fight bosses with friends.
-Dupes actually make the characters you own much stronger!

-You’ll probably want to play it on PC. Not necessarily a con though.
-Rates to summon the strongest characters are abysmal. However they aren’t actually needed to enjoy the game.
-You need to reach AR 16 before you can CoOp which might even take over 10 hours.


I’m so waiting for its release on Switch. I look forward an experience as close as what I had when 100%ing BOTW, which is still the game with the best overworld I’ve ever played. I know it’s unlikely to match Zelda’s standards, but one can only hope!

U missed the 10gb space

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I haven’t played BotW myself but I think Genshin probably doesn’t quite reach those heights only judging by the reviews (BotW was through the roof). Simple reason: I’ve never owned a Nintendo console.

Still a really entertaining game! I almost forgot to do IC completely because of it :joy:

I play sudoku because I like to sharp my brain haha
And sometimes I like to kill zombies in CoD :smile:

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:thinking: it looks looks you necrobump this thread in the first view after 2 years, but I would consider this thread as always open, due to the subject.

So I play Sonic Dash and everything from Kairosoft.

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Pubg lite
Lord’s mobile

Halo! :partying_face:

Elona Mobile.

I also play a Tamagochi like game called Sweet Garden, where you have to grow a plant in a widget.

I also like Asdivine Kamura from EXECreate/Kemco, due to the japanese flair / music and characters.

Another game I play is Puzzle Bobble, I played it before on the NeoGeo back in time, then on LINE and now Puzzle Bobble Journey (which is the LINE PB actually).

I played most of the Asdivine games too! The plots and characters are always a bit generic but I love the OSTs, the combat and the overworld, especially the unmarked islands which always contain many surprises :relieved:

Cross and Hearts 2 were my absolute favourite of the series

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I play roblox oof