What other games other than Neo Monsters and Evertale do you play?(and others)

Well I know this may be one out of many topics such as this, but I am interested to know if other people play the same games as me.

I also want to know any games you may suggest so that I can play too! (If I have enough space xD)

Well now that you know my intentions here are some games I play

  1. Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle
    Its a candy crush-like game were you have to stack Kis(Balls) and the more you stack the more powerful your units become. They have a thing called super attack with a special animation that activates when certain kis are stacked. Link skills are also very important as they give extra bars so that you can activate your super attack easily.

They also have Rarities which are
Super Rare(SR)
Super Super Rare?? (SSR)
Ultra Rare(UR) (Can only be achieved when Z-awakened/Ultra Evolution)
Legendary Rare(LR) (Can be achieved through Dokkan Awakening/Also Ultra Evolution#2)

You can also get free LR such as Trunks, Vegeta, Goku, and Frieza for free, but it requires you to have a good team, but you can get some other characters from events

I think I started playing in February or March and I have progressed really alot. If you are interested in playing Dokkan battle I recommend you to have alot of space as it requires alot of downloading.

  1. Monster Super League

The reason why I played this game was because they had a Baby Shark Event xD, but it is mostly an idle game, but usually it’s up to you if you want to do it manually. They have stars and you can be able to increase just a common monster into the highest star which is 6*. They also have this pokemon mechanic were you catch monsters during rounds. Some Legendary can be captured, but when you do they go to their first form and they are 4 stars, overall that game is pretty much an investment as you get better the more you do auto battle(You REALLY need to do auto battlex50) to progress alot and capture exotic monsters which come out monthly

This is one of my most longest Topics I have ever written, and I hope you give some time to read this.

If you have any questions you can ask me so that you can understand it more

I play,
" Call of Duty Mobile
Vanguard Zero (JP)
Vanguard Zero (EN/GLOBAL)
7Ds(not that much)
Asphalt Airborne
Pokemon Revolution
Pokeland Legends
Candy Crush Friends (Don’t judge me it’s fun)
Hungry Shark Evo (Definitely not mod)
Buddy sma(JP) "
I also used to play lot’s of games but uninstalled them :v

I used to play call of Duty mobile, but I quit. wait there’s already vanguard zero??? Man Vanguard brings me old times. I used to play that game a few years ago. I used to use Golden Paladin and Gancelot Zenith as my rarest card I had back then…

Yap in 9 the April the Global version will release for mobile

I play geometry like a loser lmao. I’ve invested over 2000 hours into it. I’ve beaten a few of the top difficulty levels and have 62% on the fifth hardest level of the game. aaaaand thats it lol not much other games.


My ViDeOgAmE gIrLfRiEnDs

Smash ultimate, TF2, and a big fat return to Minecraft.

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Pokemon blue version. Like the game boy one


I also play GBA pokemon

On mobile you might wanna give a go to Langrisser M. It has the best summon system I’ve seen in a gacha game and you can also obtain SSR through events. Also interesting battle mechanics where you control 5 heroes on the map and gain bonus according to terrain etc.

On PC: Rocket League, recently Remnants: From the Ashes and Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord which finally released after 8 long years :joy:

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Langrisser M huh? Can you expound to me about their gacha? I am interested to know

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I play adventures journey : mmorpg pokemon

I just realized I meant to say geometry dash but I was typing this on my phone and messed it up

This is my time to shine I have so many mobile games to share with you since I quit Neo to explore other games. The big character game are must play :
1_Kingdom Rush: a classic tower defense and probably the best.There is 4 of them and I played 3 of them yet all excellent but the 2nd is best
2-Realm defense TD:Another TD game(I really like those) it’s pretty good and original(not like other tower defense games who are KR rip-offs) but requires patience
3-Soul knight:This is a shooter RPG but it’s a pixel game so cute,There is many classes and it’s so fun to battle with them.Each run is different and there is many things to find and achieve also multiplayer with friend (up to 4)
4-Empire warriors TD:Another TD game I love em this one is pretty good but not incredible.there is plenty of heroes and you can use 3 of them which is nice.
5-Soda dungeon:I kinda dislike idle games for their repetiveness and get boring real quick but this pixel game could maybe be interesting.
6-Infectonator:Pretty fun game where you try to infect people with zombie virus and there is plenty of fun monsters like MJ or Freddy Crueger
7-RPG Dragon Sinker:A RPG game ,most of time I give up RPG game coz they are so loooooong but this one is fun and pixel also pretty easy and I found an exploit hehe.
8-Rogue Adventure:RPG card game is fun and the art is pretty many cards funny
9-Final destiny:A slasher them all type.The story and pixel art is cute
10-Thing TD:Another TD and this one is original and the heroes are cool
11-Plague Inc: Do i have to tell you about this game?It’s a virus infecting the whole world game and it’s fun
12-Plants vs Zombies: This TD is sooo well known and its fun with the crazy neighbor guy ahaha
13-Cursed Treasure 2:TD game with cool gameplay, I liked it

That’s all for the recommended games.I have played many others but wouldn’t recommend them.


I used to play plants vs zombies it was fun

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I play it too

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Atlantyrant: Epidemic

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I played no 1-4 your a man with taste

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My favorite other game is called MinuteQuest. Very fun, very simple concept. Run in one direction, earn gear, different combos of gear equipped gives unique buffs. That’s the gist. It’s ace. There’s a slightly more in-depth version called MinuteFrontier, also quite good.

I also recommend No2G, a picross game with essentially unlimited free puzzles, the only one I know of that has hard enough puzzles (30x30 grid). Others stop at 15x15 or 20x20, or penalize you for marking an incorrect square, which completely spoils the puzzle. I’ve scoured the marketplace, that one is hands down the best.

Also try PiZen. You draw circles and it rates you on how close to a perfect circle you got. Stupid simple, very addictive.

Also these:

  • Fraksl, a fractal toy
  • TypeShift, a clever word game
  • ScummVM so I can play monkey island on the john
  • Reventure which I got for free on sale and was tons of fun, its a side scroller with 100 different endings and each run is ~5 minutes.

Otherwise I just browse the “games on sale” section of google play and snag anything that’s been discounted to free.