Game/community status?

HI, I’m looking for a Pokemon- type game for ios. Does people still play this game? If not, what about other games of the same genre like Micromon or Evocreo? What is the best among those game?

This game is alive, i can asure you this is one of the best pokemon type games for ios, yes many people play it (around 50k someone said last pvp), the game has events every week and a large story (unfinished). We are also hoping for permanent pvp + friendly battles + clan wars soon.

Good to know. Is there a guide for newbie ?

Yes there is, check the upper threads “bigginers guide” its called.

The pinned topics in general discussions are kind of the all purpose section. You can post your team and get strategic advice, cast your personal suggestions about what you think should be different about the game, see which monsters are the best in pvp, look at other people’s artwork, share your egg hatching results, report issues in the game, and look for people to add to your friend list.

I gotta say this isn’t very close to Pokemon in terms of gameplay but the combat system by itself is actually great and so is the game overall. I was similarly starting to look for Pokemon-esque mobile games and thus started by playing EvoCreo. While that game was a lot closer to Pokemon than NeoMon, it wasn’t very good. Honestly, just the slow pacing and long loadtimes are bad enough to drop the game for. So whereas I dropped EvoCreo like a week after starting it, here I am with NeoMon still a good 2 months later. 

Active community and fairly frequent updates and online events are a great boon, too.

If you want a pokemon type game, play Super Monster League. It’s the best I’ve found of the type so far in terms of gameplay, graphics and development. And It’s only been released a few months ago in case you don’t want to feel behind. Its free to play and you don’t have to pay to win. Go catch them all!

If not, stay here. Its a different kind of game, with its good points as well like challenges and pvp. But atm PVP is limited. The currency you can farm is also limited. The client feels like a solo game with no chat or interactions between players. Here you also don’t have to pay to win but you will need to pay if you want good legendaries or play for a year and maybe you will get some. The balance on PVP is terrible but it’s improving. Its mechanics are really good despite the fact the the matches with 14+ monsters take forever. This game development is going really slow considering its out for a year now but I believe it will get better.

Lmao fairly frequent updates you are very nice. I’ve never played a game that has less updates than this one.

lol, talk to the guy that waited 6 months for a geometry dash update.

If you want real pokemon try Monster park. It has the actual pokemons but with different aims. It’s amazing

Yea, i also used to play geometry dash and it was 1 year lol, and even if i dont play anymore i know its been more than a year for the 2.1 update to come and it hasnt… but there is only 1 dev so its understandable