Any Good Monster Suggestions?

I have my gigarock imported from HI and I got pretty crappy monsters from my egg spins so far (it was frillzeon,  samurice (which isnt all that bad) and the t-rex looking guy (not georex)). I feel im doing pretty bad in the game considering i’m struggling to defeat the AI’s arkadions (but i havent lost so far)

I was wondering if the only way to get super rares and above are only from eggs. If they are restricted to eggs only does anyone recommend anyway to get good level 1-3 monsters? if they arent restricted anyone know where i can find some Epic to Legendarys. (i hope it is like HI where there are possible ways to obtain high star monsters EG: omegawyrm)

By the T-Rex monster, do you mean Freezard? He’s actually really good and has a great skill, Unwanted Friend. If you play it right, you can add the 3 Bronzeshells to their team and kill off arks one at a time, leaving the Bronzeshells alone. By doing this, you only have to worry about 1-3 dangerous enemy arks at a time. Not to mention, Knock back is a great skill! I also have Samurice, decent unit, Bloodcrave is a great skill if you can get the kill (which isn’t difficult with Throw and Timestrike). My import was Cryowyrm, helps quite a bit too (his Assisted Wave with Freezard, Wolfrozen, and Snowja is pretty devastating).

I imported Angelon because my game data was on a different phone and long gone so I rerolled the game for an hour until I got something good and jumped when I did.

So, first off - the game is really flipping hard, it is not just you.

You can win without great monsters but you need to use strategy to your advantage, and that includes always having the right element monster. You want to try and get a TimeStriker, DreamHunter and Poison Eater of each element and as long as their attack is roughly around 1900+ you should be alright.

You won’t be able to beat the dungeons without stun bombers. Stun bomb with time strike can kill almost anything but you have to be careful they don’t kill your time strikers and ruin your whole plan. Most of the time I spend playing is thinking about my lineup