What is the best starter to ultra evolve a second time

I just wanna ask whats the best second ultra evolution starter for main game i am at episode 1

Get yourself a Galvbane.


There is only one correct answer here


Even if you already have one

wolfrozor good for dungeon challenge and early PvE but thats about it.
rexkong good for PvP as a fast single kill mon.
forget about the earth one lol. its only use is purpie food.

Galvbane is good all rounder and 100% the best choice.

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But is wolfrozor any good? And tell me about virindizardon

No, they’re not good at all. Galvbane is the right choice.

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I actually like wolfrozor but it isnt a good mon
But will it be right to sacrifice my starter wolfrozen?


If it isn’t a Galvbane, then its life has no value

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Is galvbane really that good

Just ask @NMEGaryOak

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Absolutely. Good for PvP, for PvE, can get rid of annoying protectors, it’s fast and has stun pulse.
Perfect to pair with other stun monsters, such as Nulltron and Raizen.


Dumb question @LTSurge go get yourself a galvbane


Wow ok no need to be a jerk about it @NMEGaryOak

@LTSurge don’t take it personal, he’s a good dude! Just a jokester

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Lmfao :joy:

K so i will get a galvabane guys but is twighoul (the ultra evolve twigster ) any good and how to get enough vorabooks to evolve it