What hatchling took you the longest to find?

So I have captured Leafy and Galey. I’ve seen Bluey but unfortunately lost him at the 97% capture rate.
I have been farming for Ashey the longest actually…since I began farming for dragons. And have yet for him to show. Over 2 weeks now looking for him and nothing.
What hatchling took you the longest to find?

bluey took me the longest maybe an hour to find him searching for haley now

Ashie took me three days close to four. Leafy took me a day, galey I dunno. Wasn’t paying attention but was quicker than the other two. And I found bluey very quickly. Like a minute or so.

I’m lame so all my hatchlings I farmed (about ~10 idk) were blueys and galeys

because I like blue and their designs better than leafy and ashley

yeah, i really have to start farming for the fire and the earth hatchling soon ^^;

To answer your question: bluey. Compared to galey, anyway.

Sometime I really need to stop being lazy and do the math… but I can tell you, with my Statistics backing, that due to the extremely low encounter chance there will be an extremely high standard deviation in the time it takes to find a hatchling. Hence the diversity in experiences.

For me- Galey. About thirty-forty minutes speed-farming. Need to farm another, too, as I got a C.

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For me, the longest was definitely Ashie, at nearly a week.

It took me 2 days to find galey and 1 hr for the rest

Lol everyone has hard time with ashie i have 3 of them got those 3 in 1 1/2 hours the rest ive farmed atleast 2 hours or more for each hatchling and no luck
Actually more like atleast 3 hours XD i guess my soul is connected to ashie lol

It took me a while to find Leafy and then I found Ashie not long after that… Bluey took me ages to find and Galey was my 205th encounter after that

Galey took me one whole day I got leafie and Ashie on the same day and bluey just by luck

Bluey took me 6 hours the rest was in an hour

Ashlie was my longest…nearly two days! But that was before I had metallodius.
Bluey was the quickest at under an hour…

Galey at nearly 3 weeks.

One found another 9 weeks to go!

galey took me 4 days

nearly 10 hours farming and ZERO dragons :smiley:

i hate you all gyus for this luck XDDD

2 days for all, but all d level…

Took me about a total of 5 hours to catch all 4. I guess I got lucky. But I got a leafy in about 5 minutes each time, have 3 of them now. Already have an omegawyrm, working on a fuk collection of the recipe wyrms and individual wyrms.

Leafy 3 days


Took me probably 8 hours

Galey took the longest to find, but at first I was going for either an S rank or an A rank. Realised how long it would take, then just got whichever came first. A few hours for Galey. Under an hour each for the others. The quickest one I got took about as long as a trip to the toilet.