What happened today?? :D

Today i decided to loose my all day farming for ashie,bluey and galey but the luck was with me, i’ve found them in about 1 hour and i slept off for 45 minutes…so what happened today :smiley:

cool! hmmm today I had school nothing too special :) 

All 4? Then ur very lucky!!

You got lucky

There are just some days where you will find things right away and some days where it’ll be weeks before you see something again


Me? Took a few tests, did some homework, and now I’m going to sleep. Then I’m going to wake up early to work on projects and my online coursework.

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Hello! Where can I find Ashie? In the list of Arkadion is written: “Agramis, 2 North (spawn chance 1/200)”. I went there and I tried 220 times, but without success. Can you help? Thanks

^it won’t necessarily appear after exactly 200 tries. It’s just the probability of it spawning.

And the metallodius trick works very well!