Found Galey in wrong spot

The hell? I was farming hatchlings, going after Bluey to complete my collection of all 4. Farming on third step up from Agramis, and what do I find? Another Galey. How does this happen? Should I stay on the third tile to find Bluey, or go up to the fourth one? Much confuse. 

Maybe the Ark gods like you.

Hmmm wha? Ok im lost here… So you found a galey 3 spots above agramis??? Hmmm i have no idea how the heck that could happen

While its not impossible, I’m fairly certain I was not in the fourth spot. Weird. 

Well I believed I experienced the same when I was looking for Bluey. Found Galey instead (then I had 2 Galeys before I found any Bluey) - so I also thought galey existed in the 4th spot but everyone, including mods said I must have accidentally clicked the third spot again.

Didn’t you guys know? Galey has a 0.05% spawn rate three steps above agramis.

Yes I am truly aware of it Lethal & I did get one from the third spot. Just it seemed I also got Galey from fourth spot. This is not just me saying it, the thread starter also said so & I’ve seen someone else saying it.

I was joking a little when I made that post but alright.

The information I had is that Galey is in the fourth spot. If this is wrong, let me know and I’ll change my list.

It’s fourth spot. I can confirm that. But I believed I also caught one on the third spot before I found a bluey (unless I really accidentally clicked over to fourth spot)… but seems like it didnt just happen to me.

Or maybe u looked in the wrong spirit?

It’s in the fourth spot. I found four to five galeys there, and I have never found any galeys in the third spot, only blueys. Unless there is actually a really, really low chance of finding hatchlings in other than the specified spots, then yes, it should be impossible, and if you did, it must be a glitch.

Maybe it’s simply a confusion of the names. Are you sure you saw galey, and not bluey? They are the most similar looking hatchlings, I think, so it might be easy to mistake them.

Otherwise this is definitely strange. :S

I’m sure I got galey cos now it’s a vento…

And we’re talking about the third spot, as in the third arrow, above Agramis, right? And not the “fourth spot including agramis” right?

Just making sure this isn’t a misunderstanding before jumping to conclusions

Yup2… The spot where I also got my Bluey…

Again unless the small chance of me actually accidentally clicking the other spot when farming… But then, if that was the case no one else would have experienced it… But I’ve seen 3 people saying the same thing… .

I think if you can accidentally click the other spot while farming, so can others. It sounds definitely probable to me.

Three other people, though? Do you remember what topic(s) they were said on?

Sorry can’t help much on the topic… Once someone mentioned on chat I believe or I read it on the forum over 2 months ago & Nephilim said the same thing too…

It’s okay, just trying to see if I can track it down to maybe get more information. This sounds really weird… maybe I should try to find a galey in a bluey’s spot.

I need to get one anyway lol

I found Ashie when I was farming above Orlean for my sparky, haven’t found a hatchling in the correct spots yet. :confused: no luck apparently.

You found an Ashie above Orlen?


Someone needs to take a screen shot of these things. Not that I don’t believe y’all, but I don’t not believe y’all either. If that makes sense.

AKA I’m having a hard time believing this but I’m not saying it’s entirely impossible.