What does TU mean?

A lot of moves have a duration of 200 or 500 TU’s but I have no idea what it means. Does it have anything to do with the number next to an Arkadion in battle?

TU stands for Time unit and it depends which ark Goes first.

On the left u can see how long it Will take Before an ark can attack!

There are Also attacks that stun or put asleep arks for a short amount of time

But what does it mean when it says duration of 500 or 400?
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TU are called Time Units, an imaginary measurement of time that we use here in Hunter Island. Basically, every single move that is used in the game costs TU. When in battle, by clicking on the little “i” next to all moves, you are able to read the descriptions of them. These show the damage, type of damage, secondary effects, and range of the attack. They also show the amount of TU it takes to perform that move, while more powerful moves will cost a lot more TU than weaker ones.

Now then…on the top left, you’ll see the TU count next to the face of each monster. These are the current monster’s TU. If a Glazio has TU 500, that means that it cannot attack for another 500 TU.

Let’s say you have monster A and B, while the opponent has monster C and D. The current standings are A 0, B 194, C 200, D 12…this means that it is currently A’s turn to make a move, with D being next. Let’s say it uses Rend, which would be a total of 250 TU. This would make it A 250, B 194, C 200, D 12…then, since D goes next after 12 TU pass, the next move will commence at A 238, B 182, C 188, D 0…then it uses rend as well, making it A 238, B 182, C 188, D 250. Then, when B goes next, it will be A 56, B 0, C 6, D 68…make sense?

Moves such as stun increase enemy TU for a smaller price. You can increase the TU of D by 300 by gaining only 100 yourself. It’s very strategic.

When monsters are defeated, and a new monster comes into play, the monster’s speed will affect the total number of TU that it has initially. 

This is a more precise explanation of  Time Units

Tiberius gave a great explanation but this thread was not necessary if somebody had read the FAQ.  Maybe I will add Tib’s post to my original answer of the question.


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