Questions about TU when new Arks enter a match.

I’m really curious as to why when an Ark is killed, the next in the lineup enters at +/-60 TU.

Did I miss some ol’ forum post explaining all this? :wink:

Maybe not.
Is there some sort of advantage for the game to do so?
Technological limitation causing it? Is there any drawback to having Arks enter at a lower TU?

What causes them to enter over 60? Under?
Is it based on speed? If so, is the difference pretty negligible, unless you’re comparing something like Barricadus to Destructor?

While I’m asking questions, is there something that determines making a slower Ark attack first at the start of a match?

I’ve been thinking (I really don’t want to beat a dead horse to death with this so I apologize in advance if it gets out if hand) that if an Ark enters at something closer to 10-20 TU it would negate a lot of the Haste/Stun/Stasis problems where you never get a turn. If you’re able to get an Ark in faster than the offensive, you’ll at least get to attack.
That being said, I’m not sure of other ramifications that may exist. It may change the PVP dynamic for the better, or crash and burn in ways unexpected.
Any thoughts?

Not exactly sure what your question is but TU is time unit. Every Ark has different TU for each attacks. think of it as a cooldown. This is so people can’t spam strong attacks over and over and also it is to make the player think and find ways to make good teams and find good ways to use certain moves and what order etc. I hope this helps. 

As far as we know, it’s fairly random, but based on their speed.

You’re correct in assuming that you don’t know what I’m asking. Re-read it.

What causes them to enter over 60? Under?

“When monsters are defeated, and a new monster comes into play, the monster’s speed will affect the total number of TU that it has initially.”

I asked jemni to add that to the FAQ thread several months ago. You really should have read it. A monster’s speed determines the number of TU a monster has when entering a battle, but only partially. It is random…at least it was last time I checked, which was months ago.

Basically what Crystal said.

In the very beginning of the match, it’s also randomized. I’m sure you’ve noticed that monsters of the same species don’t always have the same starting TU? That’s because it’s random. I remember…oh, what was it…nearly 5 or 6 months ago, I had a battle between myself and Ashley. My monster - I forget its name, but it was only decent in speed - went before her Destructor. It was absolutely hilarious, and it proves our theories correct. My guess is that the speed determines something similar to a range, with certain values being at a higher percentage than others. For example, A with a speed of 20 can have a range of 10 and 30 TU, with it being a 90% chance to get between 10 and 15, with only a 1% chance of getting 30. And B with a speed of 17 can have a range of 20 to 50 TYU, with only a 1% chance of getting 20. Of course these offers are outlandish and downright silly…just an example after all. But it shows that maybe a slower monster can go before a faster one.

Luck. Gotta love it.

I do agree with the last part of your post, it would help. However, there are already COUNTLESS strategies in play to ruin stun, haste, and stasis.

Aha, this is the kind of info I had been looking for.
Much obliged, bud.

I do think I missed that section in the FAQ. I did read it when I first started in October, though. I could have just forgotten. Thanks for pointing that out!

I’m still curious why it seems to hover around 60, though. Is that just how the calculations average out, you think?

As far as the beginning match TU, it was actually Destro that had me thinking. :slight_smile: That same scenario happened to me last night.
So there’s definitely some randomization for it.

See, this is what I meant by the dead horse. :wink:
I do know there’s more than enough strategy around to compensate for haste/stun/stasis, but I’m thinking we don’t need them. It’s a cheap strategy that should be downplayed by the game itself. I’m hoping more folks would be able to actually have fun with pvp, instead of taking a single turn and putting the phone down for the rest of the match.

Yep, my pleasure.

Ah, there’s the issue. It wasn’t there in October. I posted a large TU explanation in a thread a while after, and Jemni thought it would be a good idea to add it to the official FAQ at that point. So it wasn’t there when you checked.

hah, there’s so much information that we can’t even BEGIN to guess at. But I reckon so…the only really “what” arkadions are barry and the likes…but really, why would any ark have THAT low of a speed? Granted, it’s a big block of metal…but still. xD

Whooo destro! And yeah, it’s reasonable to assume that.

I can’t argue with that. It’s never fun to do the exact same strategy a billion times…and then have to face the exact same strategy a billion more times. It’s just foolish. What’s the fun in it? Although I never put down my phone. I just keep playing, hoping that I can make a comeback (which does happen occasionally). Though it’s been months since I’ve touched HI…I wonder what the new monsters were…and if they can make Stun even more annoying :smiley:

I know stasis was introduced during my inactivity. Ironheart+Cyberwyrm+Kamiwyrm. Pure evil right there.

Yes but u can damage nobody

Exactly why it’s pure evil. Just keep doing it till they dc :slight_smile:

ahahahahaha. No, stasis can be very effective. And the monsters who have it are just amazing.

You don’t know how many times I’ve lost to Ashley due to Stasis. Granted, that was a while back, but meh.

you should try double statis (ironheart-cyber) with Endbringer (terrorfish) It’s much more annoying !

What’s “endbringer” effect? However i’d like obtain Chillqueen and start with SS, Chillqueen and Ironheart/Cyberwyrm…could be a good strategy

If chillqueen misses, you’re in for it, especially if they have something to protect a aoe metal slasher in the beginning.

Endbringer kills whoever it was cast upon after 350 TU, if terrorfish is not killed (to which you still get aoe volatile damage).

Yeah, I know. I faced it well over 4 months ago…

And oh, Octoneer has been introduced? Right, I keep forgetting that.