What is this ?

Okay so i’m training my hatchlings and i was curious what are the numbers on the left side of the screen shot ?


TU stands for time units it is basically how long a monster gets set in there to wait after using moves each move causes certain TU to be made and then yeah you wait that time till your turn again

Please tell me your not talking about the time units bambi lol

So hydro i gotta wait 238 secs ? For his turn ?

Lmao yeaaa i was dont judge

Too late judging.

uhm i don’t think it is actually seconds that they are but it is time so just yeah you get the idea.

@fly Well people learn stuff no everyday ):
@ rex ohh okayy gotcha yea

It was the most confusing part of DIB, I’m glad it got explained better in this game.

I didnt know either

Pedia or monster party…click on the monster…click on the moves…each move has different TimeUnits. Powerful ones have a lot…Weaker ones have a little…so yeah, make good choices…in PvP, if your opponent is low on health, why would you waste TU? Use am AoE to damage others while finishing it off…Or use a really weak move so you can quickly attack again.

TU, or time units, don’t represent any actual unit of time. They exist only to decide the order of events in a fight. The monster with the smallest TU amount will act immediately next.

Wow I’m amazed someone who finished the game just found out what TU is…my mind is blown! I’m just…speechless :x

I find that a little rude. =(

It’s not an explained aspect of the game and isn’t nearly as self explanatory as people may think. This question does come up quite a bit and anyone trying to better themselves shouldnt be made to feel “less” than others.

It might seem odd to you, but just becuase someone doesn’t means they enjoyed the ARK’s and the fighting a whole bunch and just rolled the game in a frenzy of battles… which sounds a lot more fun to me than “check timers, can I attack yet… no”

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, dont get me wrong… but some humble pie sure does folks good every now and then, just saying.

Fair point I guess. Well, given that certain strategies only work of you know the concept of TU I thought it was impossible to finish the game without knowing it lol

No worries mate.


You find it rude that someone expresses surprise? I’m pretty sure that I made my post under the correct context. The fact that you thought I had an opinion highlights your misinterpretation of my remark

I found it rude the manner in which you expressed your surprise… and then the way you went on to edit your post adding you were speachless makes you sound like some sort of elitist. You do have an opinion though, to which i interpreted as “Everyone should know about TU, by the end of the game”, this is the point you were expressing was it not? There was no misinterpretation, unless that is not what you ment.

I thought by your “Fair point” post you understood where I was coming from, hence why i liked your post. I appreciated the fact you admited it was a little off-kilter and I left it at that.

The bottom line:

If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself… and this posts’ main point has been addressed so adding more pointless arguing will do nothing more than bumb this thread.

You find it rude that someone expresses surprise? I’m pretty sure that I made my post under the correct context. The fact that you thought I had an opinion highlights your misinterpretation of my remark.

I don’t know if you ever played LoL, but it would be like a Diamond player asking: what is blue/red buff? My response would be similar: I’d say “WTF dude you don’t know what red and blue buff does?” Of course, I could also just say: “no worries mate, red gives true dmg/slow and blue gives cdr/mana regen.”   

Unnecessary agrument people , i already got my thread been answerd thanks for the help!.

and thats a better answer , because thats what hes asking about … No need to say anything else

It’s like this:

A monster’s speed determines how many time units they start a battle with, Faster monsters are more likely to start with a smaller amount of TU and hence come first in battle.

One of the monsters will start off with 0 TU and attack first, they will then be placed in the appropriate spot in the queue depending on how many TU were used e.g. if the used an attack that cost 100 TU they would go between monsters starting with say 145 and 57 TU.

The next monster in the line might start with 10 TU so that many TU will be subtracted from each monster’s amount, that monster will have 0 TU attacks, then goes back somewhere in the queue and the whole process repeats itself

If there are any more questions please  post them and I’ll try to explain it better