What do you think?

So currently PvP is set up as 15vs15.

Should be mix this up? ie have weeks where its 10vs10, 20vs20 etc.

Also, we can make certain conditions, ie can’t use fire monsters this week, fire monsters 2x stronger this week etc. 

We can also do caps on max star you can bring ie, this week 8.5 star and below only. 

What do you think?

Just trying to see if you guys think this is worth coding :slight_smile:

Yessss! I love it; fantastic idea, that’d really promote diversity and collection. 

That would certainly tick off cheaters xD sounds great either way. That way people keep strategizing. Prevents people from having one “op” team

I would just have to say I LOVE IT!!!    

I think 15 is the most teams should have so that battles don’t last any longer than they already do.  I’m in favor of elemental restrictions or a star limit for your first venture into this.  

Can you guys track player records? or is that strictly in Gamecenter?  I’m not sure the PvP is mature enough to have a leaderboard, but after a “weekly tournament of 8 star monsters”  it might be nice to know who is the best.  But the issue of disconnects would have to be addressed because a player could simply disconnect if losing, to protect his “streak”.  Or other tomfoolery.

I think that it’s a interesting idea, not going however I think you will loose players who just was an old fashion PvP match.  Maybe have a different league where that applies but don’t force it for everyone.

Tomfoolery- love it. Dat word choice~

And can we PLEASE have a week where any sort of Stun is disabled…? I think that’d be by far the most revolutionary change. :wink:

I agree with PRED here, this is a unique and fun aspect of PVP, but i dont think you should limit everyone in PVP that week to the challenge. maybe create a PVP challenge category in addition to the exisiting PVP options that you could change weekly. So you would still have the existing PVP options, but also have a challenge competition you could participate in if desired. 

I would also suggest being careful when creating the challenges to ensure that people who are not participating in Golden Egg farming have a shot. If the challenges allow players who either time golden eggs, or just spend vast amounts on them to get the egg exclusive Arks to dominate then all it will do is frustrate the rest of the player base as they constantly fail. 

Smart and clever too keep changes in the game.

I think it sounds like a great idea. Make a challenge pvp area where the challenge factors change every week or so, but also has higher rewards may be as well to keep is more appealing to try.

Sounds an interesting idea! tbh, it would be much more funny if there are more different kinds of modes in PVP~~

Great idea, but separate to the traditional PvP that we have now so that both are an option.

The weekly PVP and the Traditional PVP with an additional league

I dig it

Do it

It may be beneficial to most, but idk…it would be like starting a company and succeeding…and the. Having half of your money taken away for other businesses to use. You worked hard to get an advantage in PVP, and the 8.5 star limit takes it away, giving your opponents a better chance to beat you…make sense? Most people who would like to see stun taken away are those who cannot beat it. But it is possible. I find Stasis to be worse than stun, but there are ways to try and overcome that difficult strategy.

On the other hand…I do recognize the importance of strategy, and monsters shouldn’t define PVP… Plus, the idea would be fun and be quite a challenge.

So yeah…two separate leagues please. Make sure that you can keep your traditional PVP team, as resetting it is a pain. Ahaha.

okay, 2 separate tables…we would need more players to do this then :slight_smile: or the match ups will never happen :slight_smile:

Im on board with the two seperate pvp category idea for this would make pvp even more fun

+1!!! This will make the game more interesting and keep the game fresh