Special PvP

Can it be brought back?

The current one is nice and all with it being constant, but I’m a bit tired of fighting the same players using the same teams doing the same old bs.

PvP is going to end up being very repetitive. Every month is a grind. Just spice it up a bit.

I’m only asking for it to be applied to the unranked pvp. Only a portion of it though. We have to keep the grinders happy too…

No stun pvp
No sleep pvp
No poison pvp
No gazer pvp

I’ll take anything tbh.


Devs listen him
+1 for that

Would be fun

I am not absolutely sure but I think there was such a PVP event in the past (stun immune?) but long time ago.

But anyway I totaly agree his suggestion. :+1:

Id come back for stun immune pvp. Also more stun/sleep immune pve events would be good too.

She only would be interesting wouldn’t it? Or limited cost. No ss or something?

there was a no stun one which is basically the same thing :sweat_smile:

How about first 10 days are special rule, next ~11 days are standard, 1 day break then it’s 3-4 days of ranked?

Or simply first 7 days (week) are special rule?


Sounds good. I’ll take the first week option.
As long as they have a poison free week as well:)

Yeah sounds good! Would love to see a no poison PvP. No sleep PvP would be interesting too. Just don’t run a Super epic PvP. I agree that maybe one week of the unranked would be a good call

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SE only PVP :heart_eyes: A masterpiece of an idea. Great challange and a lot of fun. :drooling_face: I am sure your „don‘t“ is a mistake. :wink:

:joy::joy: lets just have a 90 team cost. Will you have a few legends or 16 little champs running around?

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This would be cool… Super epics PvP would be pretty fun !