What defines which ark goes first in PVP?

Sometimes my arks are all behind the enemy’s first three even though I might have one or two of the same arks.

Same goes to when your arks get killed and the new ones come into battle.

I though the ark speed was supposed to determine it, but it seems that is completely random.

Can someone tell me the math behind it?

I think someone said before it’s by chance, so more speed means more likely to go first but it isn’t guaranteed. Guess the concept is to give relatively weaker team a chance too…
I encountered similar problem as well, and I really don’t have much of luck. So I try not to put my arks in same order as majority so that I can avoid luck clashes… It worked well before vortextor, not as effective after last week’s OM lol :stuck_out_tongue:

So, BAs + random orders… so much for strategy.


Hmm that is really annoying actually. If you have two arks they should at least split. I do not like that its random. There should be a system to try and balance out which arks go first. I know they’re fixing BA’s though

Everything around PVP seems to be random now, at least they are fixing the BAs, I hope they look into the entering times as well.

Can’t accept that I always have to rely on luck.

Just an example that just happened.
I had my mine spider coming into battle at around 68TU. I had an ark before and killed one of the opponent’s ark. Them boom, opponents minespider comes into battle with almost 20TU less than mine.
What is the logic behind it? This is getting as ridiculous as the BA craze.

And there is not even one mod or admin here to explain how it works.

I think the player that spent the most money on the game goes first. That is only fair.

I’ve found that the time units when an arkadian comes into the battle will depend on the Arkadian that you killed, and how many time units it had left, as well as the new arkadians speed. As for the start of a battle though it seems completely random. I’ve had Shadowstalker go after all three of the opponents arkadians before, even the slower ones. If you watch the screen, then it seems to order them in speed order, and then move them around at random before the first go. 

@BVS - You’re being sarcastic…right? Because that would be a terrible idea. I’ve spent a lot of money on this game but that should not give me even more of an advantage over people that haven’t. People that spend money already get the advantage of the eggs or whatever they spent their money on.

How does that work exactly? I kinda understand what you mean but would like some more details.

If I remember correctly, then if you kill an arkadian with a high number of TU left then the new one will likely come in with slightly higher TU’s and vice versa. Although it could be the other way around (I haven’t played a lot of PVP lately and don’t remember which way round it was).

It’s not an exact science, but it’s one of the trends I found a while back.

I’ve met something quite strange just now… At the beginning the opponent took out one of my ark, so my vegetiger jumped, waiting in line. Then I took out two of the opponent’s arks, so his two arks in line jumped in. The strange thing is they all jumped in ahead of my vegetiger? The vegetiger has already been there for about 20-30 TU, I haven’t seen that happened before. Usually I would have vegetiger get to attack first… So it’s by chance? I guess the opponent was pretty lucky :wink:

I had a similar thing happen to me just now! Not with a vegitiger but with my luxknight. The opponent didn’t even have that fast of arks out.