Stats and Stat boosting moves

I’m confused about speed, does it determine who attacks first in battle & will the ark with the highest speed stat always go first or is there a probability? Also, when an ark uses a speed increasing move such as tailwind (increases speed by 38%) how does that benefit the ark once it is already in battle I thought speed was the factor that determined the attacking order. Also, say it is my turn to attack and after my first ark I have an ark who is next up to attack with 20 TU. If my first ark kills an enemy team’s ark will it go before or after my ark with 20 TU? How will I know? Sorry this is a very complex stat lol.

Also for moves that add attack power how can i figure out how much that move will benefit my team, say, no resist (it adds all of the resist to the magic). How do I decide if that is a better choice to use than a move that actually does damage, do we know how to convert the magic stat to actual damage? Same for attack and same for guard and resist preventing damage taken.

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From what I’ve noticed, Speed does determine who goes first, but it’s slightly randomized, which causes sometimes slower Arkadions to go first (that’s why sometimes even if you put two Arks in speed order it will go out of order). Afterwards your moves have different TU (Time Units), and the more that is, the longer it will take your Ark to act again. Moves like Haste reduce the TU required from a move but I’m not sure if the effect stacks.

For example, lets say you have your first ark attack, he’ll have a TU of 0, which means its his time to go. He attacks, it’s 100 TU, then he’s pushed back 100 TU after the attack, each character will go until 100 TU has happened, then your ark will attack again.

With no resist/no guard, it’s a matter of thinking, will I be attacked with magic/physical in the next few TU? For example. If you fight a bunch of Beowolfs which can only use physical attack, I used All No Resist with Archeonis to  win that boss fairly easily. If you’re not careful they will kill your ark easily and they will also try to target your ark if a human player is playing so keep that in mind.

Thank you very much, i understand that aspect of no resist/no gaurd, but i was wondering if we could find out exactly how much damage a move will do after using one of those moves, i doubt its possible but just wondering because that could probably be useful in intense situations where every move counts and you’re not under time pressure such as a boss deep into infinity dungeon noweher nesr a checkpoint.

For the speed thing thanks, that cleared up pretty much all i was wondering about, however I’d like to know why it randomly switches up the order occasionally.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I think the developers put that in to mix things up. That way sometimes you get caught by surprise by an enemy or something. A lot of games sprinkle a little randomness in the game. For example, Pokemon has a randomizer in the attack calculation and it would not surprise me if the devs put that in there in Hunter Island as well. I don’t know what the range of the random number is but it seems to be around 10 or so.

There’s no real way to determine the damage since there’s no online source for the damage calculation, and I don’t know if the game updates the damage automatically when you click the “i” for info. What I would do is determine the average damage for an attack with just regular attack, then take that as a ratio. So if the attack says it will do 200 damage and you have 50 attack, then that would mean your attack does (if it’s linear) 4 damage per attack points. If you have 50 defense, that means that your defense would be added to your attack, so you would have 100 attack, and would likely do 400 damage with that model. Of course if the damage formula isn’t linear then it won’t work.

Okay thank you very much!