I'm a bit of confused

What determines the order of the arks when they jump in? I had a few battles just now. I noticed the opponents’ arks always go ahead of me. Say I detonated a minespider, I have vegetiger, speed 21, and he had chillqueen, speed 18. Why does my vegetiger enters into battle at 54TU and chillqueen 18 TU? I’m really confused about it! :frowning:

Good question. The same applies to the beginning of the battle where often an ark with lower speed goes first.

I think it’s about luck, making the PvP more variable. For example, 80% of players in master league use shadowstalker on line up, so who goes first? It’s about luck, sometimes player A sometimes player B. That’s the same with different arks. Maybe chillqueen with a speed of 18 has 5-10% to go first instead of vegetiger with 21 speed. That’s my thought :slight_smile: