Cherub drop rate?

I have been searching for cherub about 2 hours…in the right spot of course according to others posts…but I haven’t had a single one spawn.
Are they really THAT rare? It’s almost like looking for hatchlings/starters! Does anyone know the spawn rate? Thanks!

i found it after abot an hour, but its catch % is small, your gonna want around lvl 2 guys to weaken it, and quick, because mine killed itself with a heal move

Accidentally killed a Cherub I found with a lvl 5 ark lol  :angry:

2%. Lol.

Mind you, this is per arkadion spawned.

Yes, took me a couple of hours also.
Make sure you have a low level monster to take its health down but with no more than one hit or you risk it suiciding.
Happy hunting.

Oh, bring a stun arkadion! So you stun it every time it dares to attack. DON’T LET IT SACRIFICE ITSELF or you will be toasting very sad marshmallows like me :frowning:

Here’s how I farm cerubion. Bring metallodious, stormfox, and another ark that can stun as your starting party. Also set a low level that won’t kill it as your 4th ark. First off metallodious serves 2 roles. It can not only defend your low level ark and keep it from getting knocked out but it also has escape which ends battles instantly cutting the time to find one in half. Basically use metallodious escape until you find one. Once you find one start the fight with using stormfox’s stun bomb attack which will bring in your low level then just stun and damage til you have a good catch rate.

I just can’t find the other post so where is cherub?

Thanks :smiley:

No problem, good luck!

I got cherub through a golden egg… Not sure if it was worth it

It’s better than getting a C galebat, though.

Where can u get a Metallodious, i think i know what it is but im not sure, but sounds useful!

It evolves from metallo, which is found in Azid Ziggurat.

thought so