Whales treasure new player help :)

Hey guys! New player here. So im trying to farm some finns but cant get past the second boss on any of the instances. It seems like the enemies are very very buffed or boosted? Im not sure how to get past this when all my monsters are highest evolve exept awakened my critical hits etc barely hurts them. Any pointers? Ty :smiley:

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use monsters of the same element as the area you are fighting unless they provide other value such as stealing a buffed monster via mirror revenge or revival. Death revenge can work in a pinch.


You have to build a team purely by the boosted element. This will make your own team very strong. Only a few monsters deal extreme damage in the wrong element like Moku.

Try to charge your blood moves with killing the not boosted opponents and set them up like this to sweep.

Try to keep 3 not boosted opponent on the field and sweep the boosted enemies one by one. Be careful with opponents instant kill moves like Asmodia, exile move, they can kill no matter the buff.

You can just run from the Scavenger and do the battles in the easy, just longer way, you will not loose finns like that.

Try to beat the extra sea opponents with a water element team to gain easy finns.

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If you are too weak to beat him by youself then use a friend’s monster of same element as the event, the friend monster will also be boosted.I would recommend to use a awakened mythic monster.If you don’t have a friend who has an awakened mythic go to last last page you will most likely find good mythics there from strong players or some hacker.



thank you!!!

thank you very much!!!

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will try that. thank you very much!!!

People already gave the advice, so I’ll come here with the numbers.

Monsters of the correct element (both yours and the opponent’s) get 3x stats.
Enemies also get an additional buff (all of them, not just the boosted element), which gets bigger in the higher levels and any bosses have a high buff.

Due to the way damage is calculated, when buffed monsters fight each other they all deal proportionately less damage than normal. So you can expect that you will not kill the enemies easily, but they will also struggle to kill your boosted monsters. That makes monsters which gain big benefit from surviving a long time or they regularly heal do much better.
For example, Polaboss becomes super strong (50TU healing while slowly building crescendo strike - the damage is poor but eventually becomes good). Chronotitan is another great example (bomb curse is very strong when time has passed and desperate bite is good for keeping it alive).

Piercing attacks ignore defence so they scale normally. So typically monsters with piercing attacks do very well in Whale’s Treasure, as they still one-shot.


Thank you!! Very helpful. Very nice community this. :))


Here you can see all 4 sea monsters location for easy extra finns.

Note that this is an old screenshot from a previous Whales Treasure, because having all 4 on screen at the same time only happened to me that one time. But their location is always the same each WT.


Additional tip that can be of help.

If you have or can borrow an Ankoudragon, do it. Use him in the lands except for Shadow ones. Since enemy monsters are boosted against him, he easily dies to prevent his 300s death sentence to be triggered. When he is able to attack, his Eternal Revenge is guaranteed to kill an entire boosted enemy.

Preferably he is very good with Yin/Yang and even Torrentide since he spawn himself almost forever. Ankou-Torrentide will handle with multi-hitters while Ankou-Yin/Yang will handle the single-hitters.

Been using this 3 in this mode, although sometimes it can get lengthy in time. Additionally, nullifying strike and death revenge are their weaknesses. Your other monsters and even RNG can help you with all these nuisance.

Borrow an SS-unlocked Doomengine if you can too. His 150s bomb deals great damage to 2 monsters and his 100s bomb deals to one. Poison immune with shield entrance and can stealth itself or other Doomengine that he summoned thru blood cloning. He also have Assisted All move to remove enemy stealth.


In case you don’t have or do not have a lot of nice legendaries or mythics yet: super epics with dreamhunt and sneak attack, in regions of their respective elements, can deal a lot of damage since those moves deals heavy damage naturally.

Dreamhunt deals high damage, paralyzes an enemy and restores health too. Very helpful.

Some good examples are:

earth Flower queen with both Sneak Attack, Dreamhunt and Sleep All

shadow Shinobidragon with Sleep All and Shinobi Attack, a move that is both a Dreamhunt and Sneak attack and can retreat itself when poisoned or in danger.

water prismaw(?) with LINK sleep single, dreamhunt and bloodcrave… he’s very helpful in water region and rare fish fights.


Best of luck to you and to everyone.


Great advice Esperanza!


the other thing to remember is that Epic stun clones can win games by themselves. if you are a newer player you might not have access to a lot of monsters however its quite common to get a stun clone early in the game. as long as you focus on trying to kill the opponent stun protection and there are no autopoison monsters they can pretty much guarantee victory. (though it will take a while.)

and ye ankoudragon is always fun in this event. i like using it in 4 monster teams because then it is basically guaranteed a kill every turn you get.


thank you man!! :slight_smile:

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thank you very much for your time!! Big help :smiley:

alright will take this advice thank you man :slight_smile: