online mission is live!!!

Hey guys! I decided to get on around 7 eastern time to see if the new mission was up and turns out it is. Terrorfish is the prize ark

You do know that the game tells you every Friday in the bazaar if there’s a new mission, right? :confused:

They forgot to announce it this week because of Micromon

It was there for me. Only place I didn’t see it was Facebook, but then again, I rarely ever check the Facebook, so…

I missed out on getting terrorfish. Can anyone who got it could tell me if it’s actually good?

I don’t think its good but I don’t have great team setup

It all depends how you use it. If you can keep it protected, then it could be very useful. Otherwise, it’s fragile, lacks in having a great health stat, but its volatile is a decent (mildly speaking) reason many people won’t attack it unless you use endbringer.