We really don't care about gold & silver keys in PvP rewards!!

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD @Erin
Is it too much to ask for better rewards??

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There is probably some math to be done here for tickets to keys ratio.

I would say don’t get rid of them entirely, just add a legend potion and we are good.

I personally loke the rewards, 3 rare gems and about 10 gems or so. Pretty good to me, at least the rare gems.

Add in 1 super epic & legend potions ,
That’s all.

Keys are useless even for new players. -_-

I suggest the Devs to remove the number of wins (in kaiden pvp) from 50 wins into 30 wins and remove the silver key and gold key reward…
I like that NeoMonsters provide many continuous events, but pvp event makes me so tired and wastes many times. I haven’t played pvp 2x because I also have bussiness on real life…
Also I suggest to extend the time of completing pvp (becomes 10 days maybe?) and extend the token of IC from 6 into 20 tokens. It makes us all getting enough to sleep in the night… You all Keep health

Thank you for the feedback.
We will re-evaluate Special PvP rewards again :pensive:

The reward that also useful for the new players beside the fruits & gems…I think change the key to XP gain…maybe 15k and 30k of XP but potion more better…

How is roaring entrance working in pvp? My rival’s fl are killed by my aoe, then one of my monsters dies because of death revenge. As a result, my Chromera gets its turn after my rival’s??? What the fuck.