PvP prizes?

I saw in PvP information about it, but in this event we can get a Crown? Or just normal prizes?

This time it is just ordinary prizes.

In certain ranked PvPs we can get crowns, but this PvP ain’t ranked so you aren’t going to get a crown if you get top 50.

Thanks guys, i thinked about it because NO COST AND RULES we can get a Crown :frowning:

I actually like that there’s no crown. It means I can experiment.

Don’t you think it would be better if devs put better prize in PvP?
I mean what’s the point of fruit when you can get them by normal way,instead I suggest we get another prizes for example XP.

F2P Arash

Pvp already has some of the best prizes. Legend potions, rare gems, 6 regular gems, SE potions.

These are great,but I was suggesting XP instead of fruit.

F2P Arash

Not exp, I prefer gems