Way to get legendary and mystic

I am a new player (F2P) and I was wondering if there is any way that I could increase the chances of getting a legendary or mystic from the eggs. Could you all please help and share some tips?

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Money $$$


There are lots of gems you’ll get from playing the game so, over time, you’ll build up a collection of legendaries. Mythics are mainly there for paying players. Lots of the second forms are weaker than legendaries and you need four copies to awaken them.

Every few weeks we have a “festival” egg with 1.5x chances on legendaries. It’s good to have some gems saved up for these eggs.


wait for the festival of 6% probability, it is good that you have about 100 gems, so I got my legendary and mythical you can even wake up some if you have patience

I been playing 6 months soon.
I have 5 mythics, got them in this order

Sivanna - Cant remember, but didnt buy it - Never using it
Fiona - Bought it with money - Almost never using it
Flakedrake - Rare egg - use it much in pve and pvp and like it
Gangrilla - Special egg - havent used it yet, should be good monster
Aquamurai - Rare egg - Have been using it and i like it alrdy


  • Always save ur gems and buy 10-packs
  • Buying 10-pack of eggs (40 gems) will give u one rare gem.
  • And 5 rare gems will give u 1 rare egg.
  • Rare egg have 4% chance for mythic and 40% chance for legendary

Sometimes there is festivals with increased hatch chances for monsters.

  • Also always play pvp, there u can get more rare gems and also other nice rewards.
  • But be warned, after hero rank 100 pvp will get harder.

Im still trying to figure out how i can get back my 55% pvp winrate, cus i been dropping down to 40 - 45% after i gain hero rank 100.

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“Lots of the second forms are weaker than legendaries”

In my opinion there are some powerful 2nd form mythics and they only cost 11.

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Yeah but most of the 11 form Mythics deserve their cost because they are not that performing, compared to Legendaries.

Also, did you know unawakened Mythics have less HP than legendaries?
For a comparison:
6★ Fiona (90% speed): 3440 HP
A.S. Feryvast (18% speed): 3466 HP
Leogeist (99% speed): 3518 HP

Based on speed, 6★ Fiona should have more HP than Leogeist, but she doesn’t. Also, she gets outbulked by two 5★, Feryvast (3466 HP) and Spikiestone (3457 HP).

Bonus fact: she has 4412 HP in Awakened form, but Megaiasloth has 4444 HP. Boo!

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Its not just about how much hp monster have.
But move sets too and overall performance of the monster.

And how much u think that little extra hp is gona help u when we have so many monsters that can hit so hard that only hold ground will save ur monster from death.

But lets be honest.

  1. There are some great mythics/legendaries, also some that are not so great.
  2. Players should not focus getting mythics cus its too much luck based, players should focus farming rare gems to get that 40% chance for legendary.

Getting legendaries is just much more efficient way to improve ur team.

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Those small HP differences can actually… make the difference!

For example, out of my five matches of yesterday, I lost two because a monster tanked a killing blow with minimal HP left. In the first case, Christine tanked Terragar’s Double Survivor, in the second case Burnsalot tanked Bundam’s Power Slash because it did close to the minimum damage possible.

I’m sure I would’ve won both matches, because Christine was literally the last monster standing in the first match, while if I killed Burnsalot my opponent wouldn’t have used LINK Slayerbane All with Magmarinus.

Sometimes a little HP can make a huge difference, especially when attacked by monsters with medium-low attack

Yeah it matters a lot for a few monsters like Bundam or Gyomurai that do piercing damage which is not always quite enough to kill some legendaries but they’ll almost guaranteed kill second form mythics.

But to this point… yes, there are a bunch that are great in their second form and the 11 cost makes them better to own than legendaries. It’s still less good to focus on them though because their drop rate is lower than legendaries so I’ll stick with my advice to any new players to focus mainly on acquiring good legendaries unless they want to look at the tier list and figure out which mythics are high in the tiers + have their second form tier 1.