This festival worth it?

Been saving all my gems 180+ but everything other than the mythic im not sure if they are worth rolling for? I already have emeraldeus

How often do other legendaries get rolled other than the festival ones?

We haven’t had a festival in a while and people generally prefer the 1.5x chance on legendaries. The mythic looks exceptionally powerful so some are rolling for that.

Emeraldeus is probably the best high level monster in this egg. Great for difficult PvE content and recent synergy with link earth teams gives it more well-rounded use too.
Timberlord is a solid addition to any throw team. While not the most essential throw monster it can be a good source of rocks and help deal with enemy shields.
Sarcrosphinx is great support for mortar, allowing you to actually build a team around it nicely. It can create broken combos with Gryphking too. However, similarly not the most exciting monster people are desperate to get.
Tricranium is complicated but a good all-rounder for multiple teams.

So while these legendaries are not the most flashy, they’re good ones for people to pick up if they’re looking to create / improve the kind of teams they can be a part of. Personally I think the mythic is one of the best in the game and I have both a link earth throw team I want to improve and I want to create a mortar team further down the line for the broken combos. Hence, I’m rolling a small number of packs in each version of the egg to try and get one of each pair while hoping for the mythic. 160 gems in the first version and hatched Timberlord.

Ok thanks. How do mythics work? Do i just need to ultra evolve them like normal?
Since i already have Emeraldeus i will probably just use all my gems next week and hope for the new mythic. Here is my current team

Do not believe the advertisement. There is no chance up at all.

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Well bear in mind a mythic is 1% chance to be in an egg, so that’s an average of 400 gems you need to spend to find a mythic egg. Rolling for the mythic is facing tough RNG unless you’re happy to throw a lot of money at the game.

Mythics ultra evolve like legendaries to reach their 6* form. To turn into their 7* form you need to get an additional 3 copies of them.

Since you don’t have many legendaries I would suggest only spending a small number of gems in this egg (2 packs maybe?) and waiting for another festival. The featured legendaries in this one are a bit more niche in use and you probably want some more well-rounded monsters you can use in any team. Definitely wait to roll in festivals where you’ll pick up 1.5x the legendaries but consider dodging ones like this with niche use monsters.

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Might it be better to wait? How often do festivals show up

Its definitely better to wait! If you’re a patient guy I would wait for the anniversary on October 23rd. You can expect a expect a festival roughly every 5-7 Weeks. Depending on what you want the most (PvE or PvP) I would check the tier list and then decide to roll or not to roll

Will mythics come back?

Yeah they basically appear in every egg since they were added ( either as regular or limited)

Please don’t focus on mythics. Legends is what you are looking for

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Exactly, I’ve been waiting for angelion for ageis now :sweat_smile: :sweat:

Been playing for a month and find it kinda hard to control my impulse to spend all my gems and wait for a better festival

Just have to know what works best with your style. But some eggs can be very tempting tho.

I dont really have too many mons to really build a game plan around right now i dont think